About Us

The Factories Department works for

  • Safety, Health and Welfare of 7.17 lakh workers employed in 26469 registered factories in the State.

  • Safety of public residing in the vicinity of  Major Accident Prone/Hazardous  Factories.

  • Safety of the plant, machinery and material in Factories.

Legislation being implemented:

  • Approval of plans of new factories and extensions, additional installations in case of existing factories covered under Factories Act.  

  • Registration of new factories and issue of  licences for their operation.  

  • Inspection of identified factories including Major Accident Hazard Factories

  • Ensuring the provision of welfare amenities in factories such as Crèche, Rest Shed, Lunch Room, Canteen, Safe/ Cool Drinking Water, Occupational Health Centres, etc. depending on employment.

  • Enquiry into complaints relating to non-compliance of the provisions of the Act and Rules

  • Organising pre-employment and periodical medical examination of workers involved in hazardous processes

  • Prohibition of Children employment  in factories

  • Enquiry into accidents resulting in injuries, fatalities and loss to property/ dangerous occurrences.