Prescribed under Rule 4 (4)

Licence to work a Factory

1. Licence Number

2. Registration Number

3. Full name of Factory

4. Full Address/location of factory

5. Full postal address for communications
relating to the factory

6. Maximum horse power installed regular / standby

7. Maximum number of workers to be employed

8. Full name, father's name, age & residential
address of the occupier and his position in the
company/firm/Government factory / local fund factory


Licence is hereby granted to the factory at 3 above for the premises stated at 4 above for use as a factory within the limits stated in 6, and 7 above subject to the provisions of the Factories Act, 1948 and the Rules made thereunder. 

This licence shall be valid until it has been duly cancelled.


Date                                                                       Inspector of Factories