FORM NO. 2              
Prescribed under Rules 4 (1), 8

Application for Registration and Grant/Transfer of
Licence and Notice of Occupation

This form is to be sent to the Inspector of Factories with the relevant particulars filled in:

1. At least one month before any manufacturing process is commenced     in a factory for the first time; or
2. By a transferee of the factory in case of an application for transfer  of licence, or
3. By a seasonal factory working for less than 180 days in a year at least  30 days before resumption of work.

Part A (To be completed in all cases)      

1. Full name of the factory
2. Full address and location of the site / factory
3. Full postal address for communications
relating to the factory

Part B (To be completed for registration
and grant of licence for the first time).

4. Nature of Manufacturing Process
(a) Main
(b) Secondary

5. Maximum amount of horse power
to be installed (regular /standby).

6. Maximum number of workers to 
be employed
(a) Adults
(b) Adolescents
(c) Children (above 14 years)
                                            Grand Total

7. Reference by which plans approved by the
Chief Inspector (if applicable)


Male                  Female                   Total

Part C (To be completed in case of registration and grant of licence for the first time and for transfer of licence)-A list of Directors/partners with their residential addresses must be attached to the Form.

8. Full, name and residential address of person who shall be the manager of the factory
for the purposes of the Act.

9. Date of occupation of the factory by the occupier.

10. Full name and residential address of the occupier
and his position in the Company/Firm/Govt. factory
or Local Fund factory.

11. Full name and residential address of the owner of the building referred to in section 93 of the Act, "Where separate buildings in the same premises are leased to different occupiers of which the applicant is one".

12. Particulars of amount and mode:
of payment of licence fee.


I certify that I have followed the provisions of the Factories Act, 1948 and Rules made there under while establishing the factory.


Date                  Signature of Manager            Signature of Occupier


1. To be completed only in case of registration or grant of licence for the first time.

2. To be signed by a (a) member of the Institution of Engineers (India) or any other Institution of Civil/Structural/Chemical/Architectural Engineers, or (b) Civil Engineers of the Public works, Electricity or Highways Departments including retired Engineers not below the rank of Executive Divisional Engineers.

I certify that I have inspected the building (s) referred to above and examined the various parts including the foundations with special reference with the machinery, plant, etc., that have been installed. I am of the opinion that the building (s) are in accordance with the plans approved by the Chief Inspector (if any) and that they are   structurally sound and their stability will not be endangered by their use as a factory in which the manufacturing processes stated above are intended to be carried on.


Date:                                                     Signature
                                                           (Name & Designation).